Sorry folks.  This is just temporary.  We are using this shopping space to speak to the public about a very important issue we are dealing with currently.  The SWAGGER brand was started a long time ago in Canada before everyone got on the bandwagon, from the likes of Procter and Gamble Old Spice to Toyota naming their minivan Toyota Swagger Wagon.  We’ve seen big corporations as well as individuals copy what we’ve been doing down to the logo, products and services.  We currently have a situation with some guy in Toronto who is doing his bit to convince everyone that he is this brilliant guy who came up with the idea to create a brand with the name Swagger.  This guy is quite bold to make such claims.  There is a difference between copying and stealing. We are working on this and will keep you posted.

For now, just remember that no matter how many companies or individuals come up with a twist or stories about their inspirations and when they started using Swagger as a brand, we were first in North America.  They are copy cats and that there is nothing better than an original.

SWAGGER – there is only one original and it is us.